Find Tax Debt Help

Once you owe tax debt, the interest and penalties can add up faster than most people can pay.

If it seems like there’s no end to your IRS nightmare, you may need a tax attorney to help you to get yourself out of tax debt.

    Get help from a Chicago Tax Lawyer

    No one should have to face the IRS alone, but many people try to. As a result, they end up owing more tax, interest, and penalties than they could ever hope to pay. You can try to do it yourself, but you may not have the ability to understand every aspect of tax law. That’s where we come in.

    The tax attorneys at Gordon Law Group can resolve your tax debt quickly.

    The Advantages of a Tax Debt Attorney

    When you’re fighting a mountain of tax debt, our experienced tax attorneys and CPAs will make sure your rights are being protected. The IRS or Illinois Department of Revenue can be ruthless in their collection efforts, and they have the authority to go after your assets to collect any taxes that are past due.

    The IRS can even sell your assets so they can pay off any outstanding debts you owe them. They will also file liens against any taxpayers who are unable to pay any outstanding tax debt and it can show up your credit report.

    Don’t risk losing everything because of your tax debt

    The tax attorneys at Gordon Law Group will not only make sure your rights are protected, but they can also help you pay off any outstanding IRS debt without risking your financial future.

    Some of the ways that our tax attorneys can help you include:

    • Developing a strategy
    • Giving quality advice and support
    • Negotiating with the IRS on your behalf
    • Negotiating an “offer in compromise”
    • Working out a monthly payment plan.
    • Filing an appeal with the IRS

    We pride ourselves on offering solid legal advice to many individuals and small businesses, and we have a proven track record of continuous success. As a firm that practices tax law on a daily basis, we can work with the IRS to make sure you are treated fairly.

    We’re proud to offer personal attention to every client we serve. We will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with the service we provide, as we want to give you the best legal counsel that money can buy.

    Tax debt is not something that you should mess around with, and it’s not something you should put off.

    You can try to do it on your own, but it will only add to your frustration. That’s why you need to have someone who can fight for you, and Gordon Law Group has everything you need to build a solid defense.

    Feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation. We are also available on evenings and weekends if it’s more convenient for you. Please call us at 312-471-0126 to discuss your situation in detail. We would be happy to speak with you!