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Personal and business audits are different. Business audits expose more areas of inquiry than personal ones. We can help with it all, and now how to negotiate with the IRS so you can enjoy the best possible outcome.

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Andrew B. Gordon is a Chicago tax lawyer who works with individuals and businesses on all aspects of tax audits.

Here are some of the important ways we can help:

  • » We guard against Shareholder Derivative Suits (suits from a shareholder against the officers and directors of the company)over alleged breaches of fiduciary duties. They're becoming more common, so it's wise to find a qualified lawyer to handle your defense.
  • » Someone has given information to the IRS (like an angry ex-spouse or business partner). We'll get their statement and contradict when necessary.
  • » You've deducted losses from tax shelter investments on your return. We can help defend your decision.
  • » You've deducted a complex set of business or investment expenses on your tax return. We have experience in Transaction Law and its associated effects.
  • » You have a great deal of itemized deductions on your tax return — ones that are outside IRS audit parameters. We can insulate you from any potential liabilities.
  • » You're in a business that receives cash from normal business operations.
  • » Your business expenses are high relative to your income.
  • » You're claiming rental expenses on your tax return.
  • » You have tax deficiencies from a previous audit.
  • » You have complex tax transactions on your return that lack adequate information.

Got Chicago Tax Audit Concerns? We've Got Your Back

You can relax once you hire us to defend your Chicago tax audit. Andrew Gordon has everything you need, and he can help you come out with your money and assets intact.

Going through an income tax audit on your own can be a scary thing, and it can be a nerve-racking experience for everyone involved. You don't need to do it alone!

Hire an income tax specialist from to defend you.

We have represented individuals and businesses in income tax audits for years, and we can help you as well!

If you are going through a Chicago tax audit, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Evening and weekend hours are also available by appointment. Please call us at 312-608-2772 to discuss your situation in detail.

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With our Help, You'll Never Have To Deal with the IRS Directly

  • » We appear at the tax audit in your place.
  • » We never allow clients to speak to the IRS. It preserves the integrity of our defense and keeps the taxpayer from saying compromising things to an IRS auditor.
  • » If an IRS auditor wants to come to your place of business and talk to your customers or clients, we can either stop the visit or go in your place.
  • » If an IRS auditor wants to come to your home, and you don't want them there, we can help.

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