Liberty Inversion Nets Tax break for Billionaire John Malone:

By: chicagotax | August 28, 2017

The Obama administration announced anti-inversion rules in September 2015, however, Liberty Global Inc. and the company’s chairman and controlling shareholder, John Malone, illustrate how companies are able to find a way around tax regulations. Malone has three main companies which are in the media, internet and telecom businesses. The companies are Liberty Media, Liberty Global […]

Overview of Foreign Bank Account and Asset Disclosure for Indian Americans

By: chicagotax |

The IRS has been aggressively pursuing United States Taxpayers who forget to timely file their foreign bank account report forms (“FBAR”), and Indian nationals are at an especially high risk of being caught in the crosshairs. This is because Indian nationals have a strong presence in America, attending some of the country’s most prestigious universities […]