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To Itemize or Not to Itemize, That is the Tax Question
Under the 2017 tax overhaul, lawmakers significantly raised the standard deduction amount. Does it m [...]
Chicago Tax Law: Excuses
Hysterical Tax Excuses: Could They Work For You?
Tax authorities in the United Kingdom recently compiled a list of “weird and wonderful” tax excu [...]
Illinois Tax Law: middle class tax-saving tips
Four Super-Charged Credits and Deductions for Middle-Class Taxpayers
Fortune 500 companies aren’t the only ones who enjoy tax breaks. Legislators have carved out signi [...]
Chicago Tax Law: Criminal tax defense
Criminal Tax Law: Why You Should Enlist a Lawyer and Not Go It Alone
A university professor recently pleaded guilty to under-reporting taxes, but the alternative could h [...]
Illinois Tax Law: Voluntary Disclosures
What You Need to Know About 2020 IRS Voluntary Tax Disclosures
If you think back to when you were a little kid, there may have been times when if you admitted to m [...]
Chicago Tax Law: Appealing and IRS audit
Can you Appeal an IRS Tax Audit?
Many people are thankful for second chances in life. We accept them, give them, and use them. Someti [...]
What Triggers a Tax Audit
Imagine for a second that you’ve just been notified by the IRS and they tell you that you’re bei [...]
Chicagoans: Planning on Trading In Your Car? Do it before the New Illinois Tax Kicks In
Do you live in Illinois? Are you frustrated by the cornucopia of state taxes? Well, get ready to be [...]
Is Chicago Getting A Services Sales Tax?
Illinois’ motto could be: In Taxes We Trust! Especially in Chicago. Windy City residents must plun [...]
Retiree Tax Matters: Take Advantage of the 20% Pass Through Deduction
Some people love the new tax code, others loathe it. Regardless, as tax attorneys, the main thing we [...]
Chicago Streaming Tax: What’s It All About?
Sure, Illinois is home to some of America’s greatest hits: Lincoln, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, and [...]
Ten Things to Know BEFORE Your Tax Audit
A tax audit can be intimidating, nerve-wracking, and downright scary — but they don’t have to be [...]
Why Did I get Selected for an Audit?
You’re the subject of an IRS tax audit and want answers. Most pressingly: Why you? To help mak [...]
Types of IRS Income Tax Audits: An Easy-to-Understand Overview
The IRS issues tax audits yearly. The agency selects some audit subjects randomly. Other auditee cho [...]
Income Tax Audit Help in Chicago
Worried about a tax audit? Now more than ever there is cause for concern. After years of stagnation, [...]
Chicago Tax Law: Eliminated Deductions
Tax Time: Alternative Options for Eliminated Tax Deductions

The tax rules are changing this year, and certain deductions have been eliminated.

Chicago Tax Lawyer: Stock Tips
Illinois Investment Law: Tax Tips for Playing The Stock Market
Part of smartly playing the stock market is having a profitable exit strategy that offsets losses ag [...]
Chicago Tax Law: Four Illinois Tax Tips
Tis The Season For Four Illinois Tax Tips
Albert Einstein lamented that income tax was the hardest thing in the world to understand. Economist [...]
Chicago Tax Law: Illinois Tax Write-off Guide 2018
Tax Advice: Tax Write-Off Guide For Illinois Businesses
Everybody knows that running a business is no easy task, and expenses abound.  But it’s impor [...]
Illinois family tax lawyer
Illinois Family Tax Law: What You Need To Know For 2018
Taxes are susceptible to change every year as a result of legislative changes.  That’s why it’s [...]
Chicaho Tax Lawyer
Tax Law: Contractor Tips
We are in a new era where individuals more than ever enjoy working from home or remote locations.   [...]
Chicago tax lawyers
Overview of Foreign Bank Account and Asset Disclosure for Indian Americans
The IRS has been aggressively pursuing United States Taxpayers who forget to timely file their forei [...]
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Liberty Inversion Nets Tax break for Billionaire John Malone
The Obama administration announced anti-inversion rules in September 2015, however, Liberty Global I [...]