I am a Chicago tax lawyer who represents people and businesses dealing with: tax audits, tax collections, sales tax problems, offshore banking disclosure (FBAR filings), employment tax issues, DES employment tax audits, IRS litigation, tax court cases, criminal defense of IRS and DOR crimes, and white collar crimes.

Our Illinois tax lawyers are super at solving tax problems for both businesses and individuals!

I represent clients in the resolution of tax problems related to the IRS and the Illinois Department of Revenue. I represent many individuals and businesses with sales tax problems, tax collection problems, and audit issues. I represent clients throughout Chicago land and have been practicing in Illinois for many years. I’ve worked with taxpayers in thousands of tax-related cases and can help you, too.

I help clients with severe tax problems. These include bankruptcy taxes, criminal tax issues, offshore trust accounts, tax appeals, IRS Audits, tax evasion, tax fraud, trust fund taxes, United States tax court, offers in compromise, international tax audits, 501(3)(c) nonprofit organizations and much more.

For years, I’ve been representing tax clients before the IRS and United States Tax Court and the Illinois Department of Revenue. We update our research tools on an hourly basis, so we always have access to the latest tax codes, IRS regulations, Tax Court rulings, and other tax-related resources. As an Illinois tax attorney and a certified public accountant, I make sure every client benefits from the most up-to-date tax research and preparation methods.

Our clients come to us from all over Chicago, and they all need a Chicago tax attorney who understands the need for confidentiality. They want the most skilled tax lawyer they can find, and they want someone who understands the complexities of tax law.

Along with my Juris Doctor degree, I have advanced knowledge in taxation and bankruptcy law. I have an experienced legal and professional staff that helps to level the playing field. If you want a corporate or income tax attorney with a nation-wide practice in IRS tax Law that can handle complex financial issues, call me. I can defend you and your property.

We represent individuals and businesses all over Chicago and the Lake Michigan Corridor

We represent individuals and businesses throughout Chicago and all points along the lake. But our practice is not limited to the Chicago area. Our Chicago tax law firm also represents people across the country and around the world. Don’t hesitate to call us for a confidential consultation.

Resolve your IRS problems with the help of our experienced Chicago tax lawyers

Our tax attorneys in Illinois will handle every aspect of your case. They’ll make every phone call, write every letter, and go to every meeting. When it comes to dealing with tax authorities, there is no such thing as a routine tax audit, call, or letter. They should never be overlooked or taken for granted. With us, salesmen or assistants won’t be working on your tax audit case, only attorneys, and a select group of CPAs.

The extra level of protection and care we provide can make a difference in the outcome of your case!

We have a special set of skill that improves your chance for success, and you won’t find a more qualified frim than us. We’ll work around your schedule, and are even available on evenings and weekends.

Need a Chicago tax attorney? Gordon Law Group will help you navigate the IRS maze

Andrew Gordon has years of experience in dealing with the IRS, and he has defended every kind of taxpayer and entity.

The process starts off by securing the Information Document Request. This is filed by the IRS, and it tells us what types of documentation they want to see. We then assign a staff member from our Document Staff to assemble those documents. We may need you to retrieve or replace documents, and we may need you to fill out an affidavit.

Next, we’ll meet with the IRS without you. Allowing the IRS unfettered access to a taxpayer can be dangerous. That’s how Martha Stewart got in trouble and went to prison. It wasn’t because of what she did, but because of what she told the investigators. So, we want to insulate you from IRS auditors and examiners.

We’re also turn in your documents and affidavits and answer any questions in a way that best protects you. People sometimes miss certain documents or estimate deductions. We can handle these situations, so it doesn’t become a more serious problem.

There is a lot more to it, but we hope you now have a good idea of how we can make everything work to your advantage.

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